Article of the Month


Jay H Graham

I have been working with the church at Williams, AZ for 16 years. Many of those years they had few brothers to assist in the assembly. Primarily it was an older brother who taught both adult classes, and I agreed to speak twice each month to help them. It was very hard to get some of the brothers willing to serve even in simple capacities. However, the past 4 to 5 years has seen some tremendous growth—some numerically but mostly it has been spiritual growth, especially among the brothers. It is to the point now, while I try to be there 2 Lord’s Days, I only speak once! But more importantly there are now 5 brothers (not counting me) willing and able to do most things. What a blessing this has become. For many years I was concerned that if the aforementioned older brother was left incapacitated the congregation would have to close. I am no longer concerned with this danger. To exemplify this, recently I was on the schedule to lead the singing. I noted that a brother who had been scheduled to participate was not present. I looked up from the schedule (which is on the podium) and asked for a volunteer to lead the Lord’s Supper on very short notice. Three hands went up! What a blessing! 6 years ago and I would have had to do it in addition to my other duties. The Lord has blessed this congregation and the brothers who are willing to participate. Another brother who joined the congregation several years ago was willing to begin teaching the Lord’s Day morning adult class on the New Testament. He had just recently retired from the military as a Master Sergeant, and I had been studying with him for a while. I convinced him to take those same skills that he used as a Sergeant and apply them to a new teacher’s manual—The Bible. He has been teaching for a couple of years! I had been teaching the Wednesday evening adult class on the life of Jesus for a year. I decided that it was time for another brother to take this responsibility. I asked him and he readily and easily agreed to do it, even though he had never taught a class. I assured him he would have the help of me and the other brothers to assist him. I pray the Lord will continue to grant these brothers opportunities to grow and spiritually prosper. As a result of their willingness to serve and work the congregation will continue worshiping God in spirit and truth as long as such brothers are willing to “volunteer” to serve the Lord and His People.


Isaiah 6:8 8 And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” Then I said, “Here I am! Send me.”